Margaret Rodeheaver
A lovable character, a magical tale.

A lovable character, a magical tale.


Porkington Hamm
by M. M. Rodeheaver

            Life is not easy when you look one way on the outside but feel another way on the inside. But that’s just the sort of life Porkington Hamm experiences after he receives a dose of Doctor Morty’s experimental stem cell serum.

            Thinking, feeling, and (mostly) looking human, he deals with discrimination, dysphoria, and social anxiety, and must come to terms with his origin. He's always at his best when he forgets about himself and concentrates on helping others. With help from his best friend Tom, Porkington explores the world, makes friends, and develops his culinary talents. 

            But someone is stalking Porkington, and when Tom leaves town she makes her move. Is it the same person who got Doctor Morty fired from the university? Will her “conversion therapy” turn Porkington back into an ordinary pig?

            Porkington Hamm is a fantasy coming-of-age story dealing with contemporary issues, fun for upper middle-grade, tween, and young adult readers.

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Porkington and Swinson share an adventure in  Porkington Returns .

Porkington and Swinson share an adventure in Porkington Returns.


Porkington Returns
by M. M. Rodeheaver

Porkington is on the move! Swinson has a new job in the city and he and Porkington decide to share an apartment.

Porkington does his best to help Swinson settle in, but there’s nothing he can do about Swinson’s vicious co-worker. She is determined to get him fired!

Meanwhile, Porkington is having problems of his own, struggling to deal with memories of Rainbow Acres. Can his friends, or a new pet, help him put his past behind him?

Porkington finally finds out what a real vacation is like when he goes on an adventure with Ray. It’s just in time. Soon Porkington and Swinson will have to embark on another adventure - a dangerous rescue that’s a matter of life and death!

If you liked Porkington Hamm, you’ll love Porkington Returns. Fun reading for fans of young people’s sci-fi and fantasy.

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Season’s greetings! —

Haunted Holiday - a Christmas Cookie Ghost Story by M. M. Rodeheaver

A fun chapter book for elementary kids —

Calypso loves the new-old house she lives in with her two mamas. She doesn't even mind that a ghost lives there too -- until he ruins their holiday cookie party! Is there something he doesn't like about parties? Or holidays? Or cookies? With help from the two mamas and her new friend Abbey, Calypso searches for clues in all kinds of places, like the library, the local cemetery, and even her friend’s house. But time is running out, and Calypso is determined to solve the mystery -- before the ghost can ruin their next party. -> Read a sample here <-

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