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New - in time for Christmas!

Haunted Holiday by M. M. Rodeheaver

A fun chapter book for elementary kids —

Calypso loves the new-old house she lives in with her two mamas. She doesn't even mind that a ghost lives there too -- until he ruins their holiday cookie party! Is there something he doesn't like about parties? Or holidays? Or cookies? With help from the two mamas and her new friend Abbey, Calypso searches for clues, determined to solve the mystery -- before the ghost can ruin their next party.

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Novels for grown-ups

Hidden Treasure by Margaret Rodeheaver

            Welcome to the small town of Chinkapin, Georgia, where recently-divorced Laurie Lanton has decided to start her new life in a warmer climate. To keep her mind off her ex, Laurie joins her friend Mary and the other volunteers at the Treasure Chest, a charity thrift shop run by “St. Mark’s Across From the Tasty Chick.”

            The Treasure Chest sells everything at bargain prices, and helps keep struggling St. Mark’s afloat. Two robberies, a leaky roof, and an invasion of mice give the volunteers plenty to talk about. However, the thrift shop and Laurie’s new job are not enough to keep her focused on her career goals and her vow to lay off men for a while. A couple of men quickly catch her eye.

            Will she pick Chase, the interesting and talented musician and member of St. Mark’s choir? He sure is easy to be with, but there’s something in his past no one wants to talk about. And just when things are heating up between them, Laurie overhears something that throws their future into doubt.

            And what about Jeff, the handsome painting instructor at the local arts center.  Laurie delivers a Treasure Chest donation of old picture frames and paintings to the center, and later is shocked to learn that one of the paintings has fetched $1.7 million in a New York art auction. Not only that, Jeff intends to keep the money for himself!

            Laurie has to find a way to convince Jeff to share the money, because if she can’t the Treasure Chest might have to close down, and then what will happen to St. Mark’s?

            Hidden Treasure is a romance novel for the new adult market. It runs about 46,000 words. Seeking representation.

            Coming soon: Finders, Keepers - the next book in the Chinkapin series.

Afternoon in the garden.

Afternoon in the garden.

Somewhere near Brunswick.

Somewhere near Brunswick.

A favorite spot near the fountain.

A favorite spot near the fountain.


Teen Fiction

Porkington HamM by Margaret Rodeheaver

            Life is not easy when you look one way on the outside but feel another way on the inside. But that’s just the sort of life Porkington Hamm experiences after he receives a dose of Doctor Morty’s experimental stem cell serum.

            Thinking, feeling, and (mostly) looking human, he deals with discrimination, dysphoria, and social anxiety, and must come to terms with his origin. He's always at his best when he forgets about himself and concentrates on helping others. With help from his best friend Tom, Porkington explores the world, makes friends, and develops his culinary talents. 

            But someone is stalking Porkington, and when Tom leaves town she makes her move. Is it the same person who got Doctor Morty fired from the university? Will her “conversion therapy” turn Porkington back into an ordinary pig?

            Porkington Hamm is a fantasy coming-of-age story dealing with contemporary issues for the upper middle-grade/teen market. It runs about 32,000 words. Seeking representation.

Flash Fiction and Short Stories

Enjoy a quick dip in the pool of life. 

Thrift by Margaret Rodeheaver 

How do I know what a man needs? Maybe a man needs a busted guitar, to fix himself. Something to steady his hands. 

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What summer in Middle Georgia is all about.

What summer in Middle Georgia is all about.