Coffee and romance

I’m excited to tell you that Hidden Treasure, Book 1 of the Chinkapin Series, is now available in ebook and paperback!

Hidden Treasure is an artsy little, second-chance romance set in a quaint southern town. But there’s a mystery to solve, and it won’t be easy because the people in Chinkapin are good at keeping secrets. Get your copy and find out for yourself.

Available in paperback and ebook at Amazon and other fine stores.


Welcome to the small town of Chinkapin, Georgia, where recently-divorced Laurie Lanton is starting her new life in a warmer climate. To keep her mind off her ex, Laurie joins Mary and the other volunteers at the Treasure Chest, a charity thrift shop run by “St. Mark’s Across from the Tasty Chick.” Anything can happen at the Treasure Chest - and does. Two robberies, a leaky roof, and an invasion of mice give Laurie plenty to think about. But a couple of new guys have also caught her attention

Will she pick Chase, the interesting and talented musician from St. Mark’s choir? He sure is easy to be with, but there’s something in his past no one wants to talk about. And just when things are heating up between them, Laurie overhears something that throws their future into doubt.

And what about Jeff, the new painting instructor at the local arts center? He seems to have a few secrets of his own, including something he’s discovered about an old painting at the thrift shop.

When disaster threatens to close the Treasure Chest, will Laurie’s “super power” be enough to save it? If not, the Treasure Chest might have to close, and then what will happen to St. Mark’s?

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Margaret Rodeheaver