And you thought you had it hard ...

You don’t have to be a kid to love “Porkington Hamm.”


Life is not easy when you look one way on the outside and feel another way on the inside. But that’s just the sort of life Porkington Hamm has, after getting a dose of Doctor Morty’s experimental stem cell serum.

Thinking, feeling, and (mostly) looking human, he deals with discrimination, dysphoria, and social anxiety, and must come to terms with his origin. With help from his best friend Tom, Porkington explores the world, develops his culinary talents, and learns to forget himself in helping others.

But someone mysterious is stalking Porkington, and when Tom leaves town she makes her move. Is it the same person who got Doctor Morty fired from the university? Will her “conversion therapy” turn Porkington back into an ordinary pig?

Fun and inspirational reading for fans of magical realism, fantasy, and science fiction.

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Coming soon: “Porkington Returns".”

Margaret Rodeheaver